7 Bathroom Ideas

A bathroom is full of possibilities, sometimes the bathrooms are indeed small, they only seek to apply ideas to decorate and know how to make the bathroom stand out, this can be done with simple changes, few pieces of furniture that with strategic decoration are perfect for any bath.

1. White, simple, and safe

It is always right with this color, which generates more light in the room and transforms it into a larger place, but to give it a touch of color and not look so sober you can combine it with a color like black or red.

2. Simplicity, remember that less is more

No hassle, don’t try to saturate a small space. It is enough with a toilet, sink, and shower. Keep it simple and furniture with accessories that personalize the space. In small bathrooms, the distribution must be exact to ensure that you can move comfortably in the bathroom from the central area.

3. Polished concrete effect

You can use micro cement, or tiles that simulate this material, this will give a neutral tone and continuity to space, this finishing trend is being used a lot for bathrooms and kitchens.

4. Neutral space

A trick that never fails is to look for an eclectic concept in general, which is simple and neutral. The idea is to highlight strategic pieces that are located in the sink.

5. Highlight the shower wall

With a cladding and design change that is striking, it will give a sense of depth and highlight this space.

6. Tile paint

Find a bold shade that brings your bathroom to life without being over the top. You can change the tiles or use tile paint to change the bathroom in a faster and cheaper way.

7. The mirror

A decorative element that can not be missing and that gives life to the bathroom are the mirrors, let this accessory steal the eyes, get a large mirror is perfect. If your bathroom has a window, place it where it can reflect natural light.