Abstract Wall Mural: Ideas For Inspiration

Many people turn to art to decorate their homes in an original way. Abstract art is an expression that ignores any figuration, proposing a new reality. Decorating any room in your house with an ABSTRACT WALL MURAL is an excellent opportunity to display your creativity to the fullest. Here are some ideas that will inspire you to make the walls of your house look stylish.

-GEOMETRIC FIGURES: an ABSTRACT WALL MURAL based on geometric figures is ideal for small spaces. The figures should be large in size and in dark tones. These images project order and spaciousness. The best of all is that this type of mural gets all the attention, so no one will notice the small space of that room.

-FLORAL WALLS: murals designed with nature-inspired patterns project optimism, joy, and good mood. You can opt for images of flowers, tropical landscapes, or drawings of abundant vegetation. These designs will give harmony to the chosen room.

-WALLS WITH ANIMALS: animal images are always in fashion and fit perfectly in the world of decoration and design. You can create an ABSTRACT WALL MURAL based on animal print, birds, or marine animals like seals or whales. Although this trend may seem risky, you will see that the end result will be largely satisfactory.

-BABIES AND CHILDREN: decorating a baby’s or a child’s room with an abstract mural with children’s images is an excellent idea to involve them in its creation. The best options are images of nature and animals. It is best to use pastel colors so that the illustrations project calm and harmony in the room.

-BLACK AND WHITE MURALS: a black and white abstract mural is a great option to achieve a luminous space that projects harmony. Black brings sophistication, while white brings cleanliness. These designs look great in any room of the house.