What Is An Easter Egg Tree And How To Make One

There are many ways in which people celebrate Easter. A fun way is to decorate your house and maybe even build an Easter egg tree. Certainly, you have seen photos of Easter egg trees and may be wondering how this tradition came to be.

It should not be surprising that the tradition of making an Easter egg tree came from Germany, the same country that gave us the Christmas tree. It is called Osterbaum and while it is not well documented as to when this tradition started, there are reasons to believe that it began around 1945.

In the modern-day, making an Easter egg tree is no longer considered a tradition exclusive to the Germans. Many cultures have adopted this habit and now, it is considered a creative Easter decoration. It is also a great little DIY project that anyone can make.

While the Germans decorated trees around their house, today, everyone is making miniature trees that can be placed on a table or somewhere around the house. To make a simple easter egg tree, several supplies are needed. First, you will need decorated plastic eggs, a few branches from a tree, a vase, some styrofoam, and glitter.

The first step is to cut out a piece of the styrofoam and insert it into the vase. Ideally, it should not be a clear vase so that the styrofoam would not be visible. You will then need to insert the branches into the foam and ensure that they are well supported.

The last step is to add the decorative eggs and tie them to the branches, similarly to how you would decorate a Christmas tree. You can add other decorations to your tree if you wish. There are small bunnies that can be hanged into the tree or you can add seasonal flowers. When you make your own Easter egg tree, feel free to experiment with various decorations and seek inspiration wherever you can.