What You Should Know About Restoring Front Door Paint

If your front door looks like it has seen some better days, you may not want to replace it if it does not have physical damage. You can work just on the front door paint and restore it to almost like new conditions. If the door is in good condition but you do not like the color, you can do the same thing and work on the paint to make it more visually appealing. Before rushing to buy some paint, it is important to be aware of a few things.

#1. Removing existing front door paint

To remove the existing paint you will need a few tools and supplies. The reason for doing this is that you cannot apply a fresh coat of paint over old paint. You will need a pair of gloves, a small recipient, safety glasses, a paintbrush, and a paint stripper. The paint stripper needs to be applied evenly with the brush across the entire painted surface. Once it starts to react with the paint and develop bubbles, you will be able to remove it with a small scraper.

#2. Cleaning the surface

Removing the paint with a scraper is just the first step in cleaning the front door paint. You will need to clean the surface with a damp cloth and just plain water. It will help remove the stripping solution. You will also need to use fine sandpaper to clean the surface one last time.

#3. Applying a fresh coat of paint

You can apply front door paint with a simple brush but you need to be careful when choosing the paint. It needs to be exterior paint as it needs to endure high humidity, water, high and low temperatures. You can get plain white exterior paint and a pigment that can be added to the paint to obtain your desired front door paint color.